The Food Truck Bazaar was a Hit!!

Monday, May 02, 2011Orlando' s Food Trucks

The Daily City pulled it off again with another delicious Food Truck Bazaar. A sea of people came out to taste and savor the flavors of some of the most heavenly food trucks in Orlando. The Bazaar was held at the Fashion Square Mall in the Dillards parking lot and I must say the destination they choose worked flawlessly, there was ample space to handle the crowd and lines...well except for the line coming from Melissa's Chicken and Waffles which stole the show!

When you walked into the Bazaar you were greeted by The Daily City Team who handed out flyers to help you navigate. When we arrived Mark Baratelli (Food Truck Bazaar founder/producer) was getting interviewed by Tom and Dan from The Mediocre Time Podcast and (104.1 Monsters in the Morning better know as Daniel and Drunky the bear.)

Kudos to however thought having the "Start your own business" aka food truck for those that are inspiring to be part of the bazaar one day.  This was surprising sprinkle....a great add.

The Yum Yum truck famous for nothing else but Yummy Cupcakes.

The Traveling Gourmet was a great addition to the bazaar....

Country Chuck Wagon....

This was the one truck that I really, really should of waited for, I seen people coming out of line with delicious time

The Tree House Truck....

Melissa's Chicken and Waffles was the one truck that seemed to dominate all night, their line was super long and some people said they waited almost 3 hours however every single person I spoke to said it was WELL, WELL worth the wait and they would do it again.

Pupusas Salvadorenas......

CK Jerk Shack Gourmet Island BBQ was my favorite of the night but maybe that is because I love the Island flavors & BBQ. CK infused these flavors together....I was in Heaven!

The smell coming from CK Jerk Shack was overwhelming but in a good way, I could sit there all day and watch him BBQ.

Sunset Ice who had 12 flavors of Italian Ices and they were scrumptious...defiantly my daughters favorite.

The Korean BBQ Taco Box, one of Orlando's well known...

Firehouse BBQ 

Wing Commander

Winter Park Fish Co. Sold out of some of its items quick but they had plenty Fish Tacos and they were Great.

The Crooked Spoon who were serving up scumptious Dogs...many food truck lovers missed their baked Mac-n-Chz but they said at the next bazaar expect it. I already have my money tucked away for that ;)

Last but far from least the Red Eye BBQ truck...their line never seemed to end but you didn't have to wait long and the smell...yummy. mini car was so cute!

This picture is totally miscellaneous but I Loved these bikes positions..... seamlessly.

This being my First Food Truck Bazaar (won't be my last) I can say I enjoyed every part of it, the food was marvelous and everyone in the crowd had a smile and food on their face. The only think I could think of to improve the next one would be to have some restrooms and maybe some tables and chairs.

Hope to see you next time!

 ((To connect with these food trucks check here))

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