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Orlando's Food Trucks - Plaza Live Food Truck Heaven - Cultured and Delicious

Thursday, May 05, 2011Orlando' s Food Trucks

This Tuesday Night the family and I attended The Plaza live Food Truck Heaven it was zesty, cultured and delicious. Compared to The Daily City Bazaar it was much smaller and had few trucks but it was still mighty in taste and flavor. 

Walking in you were greeted by BigBruno Bites, I must saying they were positioned perfectly because the aroma from of the cheese steaks, dogs and fried oreos made you instantly hungry. You almost just wanted to stop there.....

Circling the front of the theater their were other vendors there like Pleasant Earth Soap Co and Demeters Harvest who sell salsa, hummus and bean dip. They were a nice add but not sure how much business they got, since most people were at the trucks.

Inside they had a bar and a splendid musician on stage named Nik Silva. His sound was smooth and perfect for the atmosphere. 

Jazzydog certainly was in a bad position, they were too close to the building almost lost in the sea trucks, I didn’t notice them till the very end and the only reason I walked over there is because there food sign said Pepsi and I was looking for something to drink then I realized this was another Food vendor (oh..and they didnt even have pepsi, just the sign). They did however have a line and were serving up plump, juicy Hot dogs. 

Mr. Softee was there, I thought I took a picture but my Camera I guess was sleep..hehe. My daughter did get an Softee with Sprinkles and it was of course delicioosooo....her words ;) 

Next was The Taco lady, she had a huge line, second longest line of all the trucks it seems, Great prices and she had tacos flying off the truck left and right.

Then was Casa de Chef Chef. What is unique about this truck is that it has two menus, one for breakfast foods and the other for lunch/dinner foods. I think that is a great touch and covers more palates.

Juancho’s Grill has a beautiful, simple truck – big bright red and the menu is huge and painted on the front which is great for people like me who direly need glasses...shhh. The one thing I wish this truck would do is have an explanation of what some of their food items are and what they have on them.

Arepas de Casa line was extremely long, longest of all the trucks and after tasting their Arepas, I can see why! 

The last truck....Pincho"Mania" 

The Plaza Live Food Truck Heaven was a great addition to this weeks events, culturally diverse, great music and a live atmosphere. It gave you a peak into the different trucks in Orlando, See you Next Time.

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