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Mil's Latin American Cafe Food Truck in Orlando.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011Orlando' s Food Trucks

( - Mil's Latin American Cafe Food Truck in Orlando is a truck that I have been passing coming home for about two months now. It is not out often, maybe two times a week - Friday and Sat - around 6 - 12 am on Oakridge and S. Rio Grande Ave.

(sorry cell phone pictures)

Mil's is run by a delightfully lady, who cooks the food ready to order. She reminds me of going to your grandma's house on a Sunday and watching her in the kitchen throwing down, cooking a Great Home Made Meal. Mil's menu consist of Burgers, Hot dogs, Chicken fingers, Fries, Onion rings and a Variety of Latin Food made Fresh ready to order.

We got Two Bacon Chz Burgers, A Regular Burger.

Fries and an Empanada!

Great Price points....for all that I paid  about $15. 

The Bacon burger was juicy, flavorful...the bacon was not over cooked or under cooked and it was thick!

They have three different Empanada you can buy, I bought the empanada  stuffed full of meat and cheese...perfectly seasoned and perfectly melted.

I highly recommend this Truck! It has that homely feel many trucks are missing.

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  1. MILS LATIN AMERICAN CAFEJuly 1, 2011 at 10:05 PM

    Hello and thanks for the post.we are currently open wed and thur 4pm to midnight,fri and sat 4pm to 3:30am.thanks for stopping by and we are happy you enjoyed the food.hope to see you soon...

  2. Oohhhh those empanadas looks and sound great! It's not too far from me, either, so I'll have to stop by one night soon :)

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