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C&S Brisket Bus Menu

Thursday, July 07, 2011Orlando' s Food Trucks



Corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, russian dressing on griddled rye.

Pastrami, swiss cheese, cole slaw, mustard on griddled rye.

Bus Club
Turkey, pastrami, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise on toasted white.

The Bus Driver
Corned beef, pastrami, turkey, sriracha aioli on griddled white.

Build Your Own
Choice of pastrami, corned beef, turkey or turkey pastrami.  Choice of bread and condiments. 

House Made Condiments:

Russian dressing, mayonnaise, miso mayo, whole grain mustard, chimichurri aiolisriracha aioli, horseradish hot mustard, suedoise, sweet and sour onions, pickles.

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