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The Crepe Company with Video

Friday, July 29, 2011Orlando' s Food Trucks

The Crepe Company is quickly becoming one of Orlando's Favorite Food Carts for a delicious Dessert, a Crepe made with Nutella (a chocolate spread), fresh Bananas and Sweet Strawberries. However, the Crepe Company has much more than just Delectable sweet Crepes they have a full menu of crepes which include sweet crepes, savory crepes and breakfast crepes, you can find there full menu Here.

The Crepe Companies Cart is adorable and the woman that makes the Fresh Hand-made Crepes in about 2 min for you, is delightful and always has a smile on her face, she truly puts her heart in her crepes.

While at The Daily City bazaar there were so many choices to choose from and many of the trucks had lines that were 30 people deep and you had to wait at least 45 min to an hour for food, which is expected but for you Parents out their you know that waiting in one spot for longer than a min with kids can be challenging. The Great thing about the Crepe Company is that it takes about 2 mins for each order which is ideal! She really has the crepes down to a science, made quickly and perfect every time. Plus letting your children know they are getting Chocolate, Bananas, Strawberries and Whip cream.... defiantly helps the kiddies settle down. 

Nutella and Banana Crepe

The Crepe Company can be found every Sunday 10am - 4pm at the Farmers Market in Downtown Orlando and at several different food truck events and Orlando Social events.

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Arepas El Cacao

Here is a Video showing the entire process of  the Nutella Crepe being made.

** Caution** 
If you are hungry, you may not want to watch ;)

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  1. A line of 30 deep is no joke. Good for business but a killer on hot days or while wrangling little ones. The Crepe Co.,has the right idea. For the rest of us there must be a better way...hmm

  2. Where are you- I used to get crepes when you were downtown- now I can't find you to get my crepe fix!

  3. Hello! The Crepe Company is at Downtown Orlando Farmers Market every Sunday 10-4, and Winter Garden Market Saturday 800-100. Currently working on getting more locations during the week. See website for updates


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