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Lake Ivanhoe Village’s MAYHEM Street Party on Virginia Drive

Tuesday, September 27, 2011Orlando' s Food Trucks

Sept. 30th 2011, 6-10 PM and every 5th Friday


Come and experience Lake Ivanhoe Village’s MAYHEM Street Party on Virginia Drive.

Be the first to catch a sneak peak of Orlando’s most talented performing artists and their upcoming shows. Be inspired, awed and amazed by a myriad of local performers: dancers, singers, musicians, actors, and other talented wonders. Enjoy the carnival atmosphere while exploring Virginia Drive’s array of shopping and dining. It’s a ballet, a play, a concert, a party, and it’s all on Virginia!

Food, activities and amusement for all ages. Admission is FREE.

Sponsored by Ivanhoe Village Main Street.

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  1. As soon as kickball season ends I will be all over going to this !

  2. I love street parties. Attending such parties is definitely a great experience. What makes that party even better is the fact that it's free.

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  3. Oh! I forgot about this event. Maybe I can join this event next year. I'll make sure not to forget it.

  4. Sounds like a fun community event. I am sure everyone will have a good time.

  5. I would love to go to that kind of event. The thing is, you'll get to know a lot people in such a party.

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  6. Looks fun! I've never been on such an event and it'll be great to try going there. I'm glad it's free.

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  7. Sounds like a great event! Food trucks are a great food business. Hopefully you invested in a great restaurant insurance to shield your business from harm.


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