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Bring Back Tasty Tuesdays - Sign the Petition

Thursday, June 21, 2012Orlando' s Food Trucks

In case you haven't heard Tasty Tuesdays was shut down due to complaints from an "unknown" source and not having the correct vending rules (you know those rules that pop up out of no where that no one was made aware of until someone complained... yeah those ones.) No Fear though the organizers of  Tasty Tuesdays are doing all they can to bring the event back and better than ever!

Read this Great Article written by  of Orlando Weekly with a more incite of the situation, Help Save Tasty Tuesdays in the Milk District!

via the article "If you would like to express your displeasure on-camera on the local affiliate of the Devil’s Own News Network, Fox 35 will be on Robinson Street trolling for interviews at noon today. Did someone say photobomb?"

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  1. Very Sad, I love this event. Bring it back!


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