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New Food Truck coming to Orlando - The Pastrami Project

Monday, June 18, 2012Orlando' s Food Trucks

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The Pastrami Project, Authentic Mobile NY Delicatessen

Food project in Orlando, FL by George Markward

The Pastrami Project Kickstarter Page


My name is George Markward and I make a lot better sandwiches than I do movies! I’m pretty good with my hands, though so besides making pastrami from scratch, I am also building our food truck from scratch as well, and I really need your help! If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, well, we’re glad you found us here. Kickstarter gives small start ups like ours the chance to get some much needing funding. Here’s how you can help: Take advantage of the opportunities to help us get going listed below. Tell your Facebook friends, your Twitter friends and well, just your friends friends and don’t forget your family! If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to a food truck rally, find one in your area, you’ll be glad you did. These dedicated individuals and their trucks bring you quality food at reasonable prices and many specialize in foods you just can’t get anywhere else. We can’t wait to join them and know we will be able to with your help.

The Pastrami Project
 is a Food Truck whose goal is to deliver the taste of a bygone era to Central Florida. Hand brined, smoked and cured provisions; pastrami, corned beef, nova salmon and turkey, made in the old fashioned traditional way.  Served up at the perfect temperature on old world quality breads, rye, pumpernickel and bagels, with a toothy crust, and authentic taste; and simple sides like crisp coleslaw, health salad, dill pickles and NY Style cheesecake, simply complement the main course offerings.

At the turn of the century, immigrants flooding into New York brought their old world recipes to the street stalls and pushcarts of the new world, feeding the hungry workers building a new city, creating restaurants and shops catering to a variety of ethnic tastes. Today, very few of these original landmarks remain, those that do, are clearly the best in their class, but now new young chefs are returning to the cooking styles of their parents and grandparents, paying homage to the original ingredients and tastes they grew up with, in new establishments, many times side by side; bringing in new business to old neighbors.

Today, the Food Truck movement gives us an opportunity to offer “slow food” in the Orlando area.  To remind many of a taste of their youth, when the delicatessens and appetizing stores on the lower east side made these items from time honored recipes; to introduce a new generation, in a new city, to food that requires no fryers, no artificial preservatives, no pre packaged meats, in a format that, makes it just as easy to get, as mass produced fast food fare! Hand made in small batches, hand cut in front of the consumer, using local ingredients and putting money back in to the hands of local suppliers.


Everything is hand carved right in front of you and served on crusty Jewish rye, pumpernickel swirl or kaiser roll, with spicy brown mustard. 
Hot Pastrami Sandwich 
Corned Beef Sandwich
Smoked Turkey Sandwich
Nova on a Bagel with cream cheese
Half or full sour pickles
Health salad
Cole slaw
Ice cold Dr. Brown's sodas
Coke and Pepsi products
Hand made egg creams
Hot Coffee or Tea 
NY Style Cheesecake
Black & White Cookies

The truck has been purchased and we are currently doing all the work ourselves outfitting it. An all black, hand lettered, old world look will complete the exterior, but it is still in need of the following items:
Exhaust Hood, smoker, triple sink, propane certification, plumbing and electrical work, licenses and inspections.
We intend to use Kickstarter money for these improvements, and would like to offer the following opportunities for you to support our endeavors:

The Pastrami Project Kickstarter Page

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  1. Good luck ! I still don;t have a truck yet and Long Island NY suffolk/Nassau county tells us vendors :must be cooked at commissary or pre-cooked at supplier. I can only dream to make it from scratch and then smoked but paying a commercial kitchen up to $60 an hour that doesn't have the right equipment for pastrami is not financially sound. If you see anything within your budget in the 5 bouroughs plus long island, I may be able to get it to you since I vacation in ORLANDO during the winter. Equipment for the truck etc. I could front the $ and you would have to pay me back. look at craigslist/ebay etc in my area if nothing in florida. Godbless!!


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