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"Food On Wheels Festival"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012Orlando' s Food Trucks

The Food on Wheels Festival – “Festival de Comida Sobre Ruedas”
Sunday, July 29
2 pm – 8 pm
Fresh Choice Market 10249S. John Young Pkwy in Orlando. 

For the Latin community of Orlando it isn’t something new to go out and eat at any of the food trucks around.  You can find any type of Latin cuisine in any of these establishments of food on wheels, from Tripleta sandwiches, Arepas, Rice with Chicken, Kabobs and more.  

What is new is the ability to have more than 15 of the food trucks in Orlando in one location at the same time.  This is what will happen Sunday July 29 in the “Festival de Comida Sobre Ruedas”  - Food on Wheel Festival, the best and most recognized Food trucks of Orlando will be together in the parking lot of Fresh Choice Market in the corner oj John Young Pkwy and Taft-Vineland.  

The public will have the opportunity to come and taste food from different countries during the 8 hours of the event which starts at 12 noon.  Various countries will be represented there, among them Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador and Puerto Rico.  Besides being able to eat food,  there will also be a Bounce House for children as well as a face painter.  

The best part is that it is free admission, free parking, the public can come and enjoy a day out with their families. This is the first time that an event like this is organized for the Latin community in Orlando .  Among all the food trucks that will be present there, the famous “Ice Cream Social” which has been featured in the Food Network will be joining us.  A unique and marvelous ice cream truck that recreates the image of eating Ice Cream at your local ice cream shop, with a green area and tables set up surrounded by a white picket fence. 


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