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The Pastrami Project "Tasting" Party

Monday, July 09, 2012Orlando' s Food Trucks

George, Owner and Chef carving delicious pastrami
Yesterday, the Orlando's Food Truck team was invited to The Pastrami Project, Authentic Mobile NY Delicatessen "Tasting" party. 

What is The Pastrami Project, Authentic Mobile NY Delicatessen it is a New food truck that is in the process of being built will be finished around Sept. 2012. Follow them on Facebook  and  Twitter.

They are going to serve Hand brined, smoked and cured provisions; pastrami, corned beef, nova salmon and turkey, made in the old fashioned traditional way.  Served up at the perfect temperature on old world quality breads, rye, pumpernickel and bagels, with a toothy crust, and authentic taste; and simple sides like crisp coleslaw, health salad, dill pickles and NY Style cheesecake, simply complement the main course offerings.

At the Party they served brined, smoked and Steamed (5hr steamed) Pastrami, it was delicious, it was so good that I almost asked to just take the whole piece home (greedy) and just bite into it, forget cutting!

He also made a 9 inch NY Style Cheese Cake. The Original cheese cake with no additives, fruit, chocolate spirals, cake filling... just Plain ole Cheesecake, made with a sponge cake layer bottom. 

What is the secret to cutting this delicious cheesecake... dental floss! It cuts it in to the cheesecake seamlessly, no mess and leaves the cheesecake intact.

The Pastrami Project truck will be a great addition to the Orlando's Food truck scene.  This Friday by 8:20pm their kickstarter ends, they are about $2460 short of their goal of $10,000. Click the link below to view their Kickstarter.

Follow them on 

Upcoming events 
 Food Trucks and Star Wars/Star Trek Characters in Dr. Phillips. July 21st 2pm - 7pm

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